About us

We are committed to improving the experience of living in a rental property with a range of unique features and services.

Locare is a global capital management platform that develops residential portfolios on a Build-to-Rent basis. We harness innovative value-added services related to the management of residential rental portfolios, offering a unique and exclusive proposal in the housing market and tenant-oriented consumer services.

At Locare, we consider the home as a comprehensive service based on improving the experience of using and enjoying the property as a service (PAAS), creating a new value proposal by building an ecosystem of goods and services around the tenant, opening up a new unprecedented gap in the Spanish property market.

Our model is based on a solid expertise, know-how and track record in the sector.

Locare drives real estate business by building rental channels and platforms with an investment structure and balanced debt-to-capital ratio, striking the right balance between risk and return in the transaction that is attractive, reliable and in line with the investment profile.

The business cycle covers the raising of capital, identification of GREEN-FIELD (land) and BROWN-FIELD (buildings under construction or management) assets, comprehensive property development and the management of assets with a range of value-added services for the tenant.


Doing things well

the only path towards excellence.

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    Our commitment is to improve the lives and surroundings of our clients through a range of services like no other on the market.
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    We forge long-term business relationships that are always oriented towards the end client and the ongoing improvement of the tenant experience, acting in the interests and viability of the investment, in terms of profitability and return.
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    Our rental model goes beyond the provision of a home to be used and enjoyed by a tenant; we equip the property with a range of additional services, placing a focus on customer service, guidance and the tenant's enhanced experience in our buildings.
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    We design effective, tenant-oriented processes. Our goal is to digitalise the range of processes to create a streamlined and transparent relationship with our clients.
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    Our Property as a Service (PaaS) model is designed to offer resources to tenants, in line with their needs, through a range of optional services and facilities for the client.
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    We aim to make day-to-day life easier for our tenants through our products, processes and systems, providing accessible goods and services that facilitate the life choices of our clients.
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    We have a firm belief in the value of quality, from the design of properties by creating a one-of-a-kind, standardised Locare product and continuously incorporating value-added services that improve the tenant's quality of life.
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    We strive daily to improve the lifestyle model of our tenants, enhancing the goods or services transaction processes with the tenant through emerging technologies that transform and streamline life in our homes.
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    Sought and secured through our rental product, the properties and services we provide, as well as the right balance between consumption, efficiency and respectful use of the environment, or the sites where we build our rental properties.

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Residential properties managed in full multi-unit rental buildings.




million of residential rental property under management.






    Homes in development phase.





Homes in the first investment vehicle with a volume of €100M under management.




117,000 sqm

of construction.


Locare has a multidisciplinary management team with backgrounds in the Private Equity sector as well as the Real Estate Business.

Investment vehicles

Private equity companies specialising in the development and management of rental property portfolios.

We have standardised construction processes and value-added services for the tenant.

The aim of these companies is to build portfolios of around 1,500 rental homes on public and private land to meet the first-time rental needs among the middle class, which will be implemented by creating subsidiary investment vehicles, generating recurring long-term return with exit windows for investors.



Investment Capacity.




Useful Square Metres.

Investment vehicles for third parties

Capabilities based on our expertise and know-how.

Expertise and know-how.

Drawing from our expertise and know-how in managing our own portfolios, we harness external capital to set up and manage investment companies and residential rental property platforms.

Mitigating risks, maximising return.

We mitigate management risks and achieve financial and operational stabilisation, maximising the value and return on investments made by our clients.

Developing publicly-owned housing proposals

We help local governments to provide a new instrument to public intervention in access to housing.

Public-Private Partnership.

Aware of the scarcity of residential land, we are exploring and developing opportunities to stand out in the sector by promoting contractual public-private partnership schemes that, on the one hand, reinforce our long-term commitment and, on the other, provide adequate instruments that facilitate collaboration with Public Administrations, particularly with City Councils, to increase the rental housing stock without their commitment to public investment.


We firmly believe in public-private partnerships based on contractual systems, such as concessions, and founded on the following principles:

  • Concession as an instrument to meet the needs of first-time access to housing.
  • Guaranteeing provision of permanent and non-transferable residential rental property, privately managed but maintaining public control.
  • Promoting the growing culture of renting as an alternative to buying among young people.
  • Understanding residential rental property as an additional utility of the city and as a commonly used consumer asset rather than simply a freehold asset.
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